Although some people can wear dentures without a single complaint, most denture wearers feel some discomfort. The hard denture can compress the gums and in some cases, chewing can cause the denture wearer a great deal of pain. Even slight shifts back and forth can eventually translate into serious gum problems.

The ever-changing conditions in the mouth can make denture fit worse over time and increase discomfort. In addition, denture wearers can also experience speech impediments.Flexible dentures help prevent many of the problems that regular dentures cause. However, soft or flexible dentures can eliminate the problems associated with hard liners.

Made of softer material than regular dentures, soft dentures require no adhesives, will adjust to irregularities in your mouth and stay in place even under hard chewing conditions. These specialized dentures could be the best option for you.

At Dr. Kadam’s Dental Hospitals, we can make and fit flexible dentures based on the requirement of the patient. Each flexible denture is tailor-made to fit seamlessly inside the patient’s mouth, offering extreme comfort and durability.


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